Sunday, November 22, 2009

Havin' A GREAT Weekend!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and mild and I headed to our local garden center for boughs and berries to pretty up our front porch (what do you think of our PINK front door ~ my husband takes a fair bit of ribbing over that door from all his manly friends and just about anyone who sees it, really...poor guy). I've been on the hunt for snowberries this time every year for the past few and I hit the jackpot yesterday ~ bunches and bunches available for the taking (well...buying).
I even had my hubby out helping with the Christmas lights with just a minimum of grumbling ("This is what you consider quality together time????" - direct quote)...anyhow...I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours of arranging, bow-tying(?), and lighting the place up in order to attract as much holiday attention as possible. Here are a few photos...

and, on a couple of happy Etsy notes, my beaded star ornament is featured in Friday Finds, Thoughtful Gifts Under $50 - THANKS and whooohooo! It brought enough shoppers to reach my 500th sale!!!! Yay! Thanks so much everyone!


  1. Wow... you are really in the Christmas spirit, aren't you, Karon? Love the beaded star... and good for you for having a pink door! So I'm sure your retro white tree fits in perfectly with the home decor! By the way, love the quote by your husband... boy does that sound familiar!!! :)

  2. hi rebecca - yup...i get very christmassy from the first of november to about december 15th and then i just want to pack it all away and head south! in the meantime, fa la la la la!