Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gemmies for Spring!

Spring Fever washes over me sometime in December...and usually, doing something that involves color, pretty happy color as an antidote, lifts my spirits and carries me through! Here is what the doctor ordered this week!
First Crocus - Orchid Purple Chalcedony

Lemonade Earrings - Pale Lemon Yellow Chalcedony topped with ruby,
sapphire, citrine and other lovely little gems!

Bouquet Earrings - Crystal Quartz with a bouquet of flower colored gemstones
Ballerina Earrings - Aqua Chalcedony Diamond Briolettes wearing tutus of fluorite in watery shades of blue and green


  1. Oh, so pretty and spring-like! Love the names you've chosen too!

  2. I like them all,Karon, but my fave is/are the orchid chalcedony! That color says spring to me!

  3. i love that purple too ginny! and thanks so much rebecca~! xo

  4. So beautiful! I loved all above particularly the first one and the last one. I got a necklace of chalcedony beads and it was awesome as it's features. Thanks for sharing this.