Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SleepOver Saturday

Who doesn't love a sleepover? Especially when you're eight, are staying with your aunt and uncle who dote on you and get to be the 'only' kid for 24 hours...my niece Sophie slept over on Saturday night and we had a blast. I filled the pantry with her favorites - Smarties, chocolate milk, cashews and raspberries - and she arrived with all our usual entertainment - facepaint, a notebook for writing stories and several bags of beads for jewely making. We fit it all in, including her basketball game, a neighborhood walk, watching some Olympics on TV (she would like to be in the Olympics someday, and win a medal in either curling or singing...yes, singing:) and facepainting her uncle while he slept on Sunday morning. That sent us into hysterical giggles!
Here is the pair of earrings she made for me - what a sweetie!


  1. Sounds like fun... wish you'd invited me too! Hee hee!

  2. anytime rebecca! cashews or raspberries for you?