Friday, February 12, 2010

Love to a Stranger

Love to a Stranger Treasury Challenge
Join the challenge...between Feb.12 and 14, nab a treasury and call it 'Love to a Stranger'. All 16 squares should be shops you've never included in a treasury (they don't have to be brand new shops - just new to you). PipingHotPapers inspired this idea last year and it's ON again! See what new shops you can discover and pass it's mine!


  1. What a sweet idea. I'm always looking for more shops and sites. Sherry

  2. It's a gorgeous treasury, Karon... and I simply am thrilled with this whole challenge. Each treasury is so fun to check out, and they are all so different.

  3. Fabulous idea & some great finds, Karon! I made a lil Valentine mosaic to share from gorgeous finds (but didn't know about the challenge).
    Must be a whole lot of creative lovin' being shared! :)
    Have a very Happy Valentine's weekend!

  4. hi girlies~ it really has been fun to visit so many unfamiliar shops and see all these new things...i'm going to try for another one this afternoon when twest opens up! happy valentine weekend to you all! xo

  5. What a fabulous idea!
    I have now found so many new favorite shops & Etsians!