Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Forgotten Path...

' In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself within a dark forest, where the straight path was lost.'
I've been experimenting recently, using different metals, finishes and moods in my jewelry - while I still LOVE color, I am also drawn to a more rustic, simpler esthetic. The dark metals, uneven edges and open yet hidden spaces in these gorgeous antiqued copper floral etched beads reminded me of overgrown paths in an abandoned garden...and how sometimes, losing the straight path is the best possible thing that could happen.


  1. Love these - and love that you are exploring! ~Z

  2. LOVE them!! I'm hooked on rustic, especially copper. I've never seen beads like this before--feminine and complex in a quiet way.

  3. This designs is stunning; would go with anything!
    I am a huge advocate for experimenting, do it all the time with my designs as well..keeps us fresh!

  4. I love seeing your explorations, Karon; beautiful new designs ; your take on the rustic look is really quite exciting

  5. I saw these earrings when you posted them, (I think it was on twitter?) and gasped! I love them. Such beautiful beads.

  6. thanks for your encouragement and lovely comments girls! love ya, all! xo