Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

There are flowers blooming all over my cottage garden~ welcome Spring!

Earlier than they've ever been (due to our mild winter and warm early spring, I'm sure) these tiny blooms are the first to show their pretty faces. Minature daffodils and white crocus sway in the gentle breeze...the blue pink mix of Bethlehem Sage are the decendants of a plant I moved from my grandmother's garden over 15 years ago - I love them! And that purple was a gift from a friend and neither of us have any idea what kind of plant it is - it's stem is woody, it profusely blooms hundreds of tiny lilac purple flowers before it leafs out, and the fragrance is absolutely heavenly! Do you know what it might be?

On Friday, I raked and tidied my little garden in town, freeing the patches of purple and white crocuses and wee white starflowers - I'm sure I heard them giggle as they warmed in the sun! My cottage garden is calling for some attention - all those neglected fall chores returning to haunt me. I can't wait to get at it!


  1. Oh the crocus are lovely...I so miss seeing them pop up in the front yard!

  2. rose~ they are so charming! there are a few that have escaped the garden and are growing in the lawn...just adorable!

  3. beautiful, spring has definitely sprung! yay!