Monday, April 26, 2010

My Garden Journals

With our early spring and all the recent lovely weather, I've been spending more time in my garden. Everything seems to be budding and blooming earlier than most years and I've found myself going back to some of my old garden journals, checking dates and blooming times from past seasons. I have fallen in love with these old journals again, the story of my garden, summers at the lake and the unfolding of each season...
For many years I searched for the perfect garden journal~ and I found may lovely ones, full of pockets and pretty pictures and pages labelled with what to record...I was never able to 'fit' my garden or myself into those books. Finally (although it was so obvious, I'm not sure how I missed it!) I bought a blank book with a textured cover and beautiful paper on which I wanted to write and draw and plan and dream...
They also contain the stories of summers at the cottage~ reading, relaxing and family times...
...and hundreds of photographs and captions...
...dried garden flowers and notes from Esmerelda, our garden fairy...

...and yes, it turns out everything is early~ by about three weeks~ I hope it doesn't snow in August!


  1. The way the weather has been lately, snow in August would not surprise me.
    I posted my wisteria pictures today on my blog. :)

  2. We are still waiting for the snow to melt here, but tiny plants are starting to emerge. :)
    I love your journal, Karon!!! I have kept records of the who, what, when & where things bloom here, but have just typed them into the computer. Your journal is sooooo much nicer! I will have to look for a blank book and start one too. One question. How did you find out the name of your garden fairy? Mine is shy. :)

    Happy day to you,

  3. zuzu...she left a note! she's been writing to my niece Sophie since she was about 4 years old...she's perfectly charming and just a wee bit naughty!

  4. Everything here is 3 weeks early too. I just got some hardy pansies into my big pots and gave in to temptation and planted some basil. Well, tonight it is freezing, so I put a hot water bottle on the soil near the basil, covered it all with an umbrella and a blanket. It will warm up by Friday.

    I love your garden journals. I've always loved journaling, but never managed it till I started blogging! Have a great week! Sherry

  5. sherry~ I'm planning on potting some pansies for my front porch this week. They have such cheery little faces! good luck with your basil-it sounds like a 5Star hotel :)

  6. What a great journal you're keeping, Karon! Love the drawings in there especially. It's a wonderul keepsake for the ages too. Thanks for sharing!