Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday at the Market

Sunday dawned sunny and bright, a perfect day for a Mother's Day Craft Show~ except most everyone wanted to enjoy the sunshine and were decidedly not in the mood for shopping, even for their mother! It was the perfect promise of long hot summer days to come...oh, well...we had a fun day chatting among ourselves and I had time to make several pair of earrings!
There were a few interested shoppers and Dune Earrings proved to be a popular pair (must have been all that sunshine and call of the beach:)

I am always so inspired and interested when I see photos of people's displays and workspaces that I thought I might share a few of mine. My fondness for vintage 'junk' and a rustic casual look are evident in these fantastic old wooden crates, a tiny window shutter from the 60's, a white milk glass pitcher, vintage cut glass doorpulls and lots of burlap. I love creating my displays using these character filled pieces. My husband has been the handy dandy builder of my earring racks and the great stand alone barnboard piece in the corner. Anything that doesn't match, I paint green. Add some fresh flowers and great lighting and presto....ready to go!
So, at the moment, it's all in a heap in the basement. Yes, I can hear it calling...but I just started a great book and I'm sure there are new beads in the mail today...


  1. What a fun display!
    Too bad the buyers didn't come.
    Glad you had a good time anyway.

  2. am LOVING this pair of earring, very, very pretty! ;o)

    Display looks gorgeous, love the addition of flowers too....adds that little bit extra! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. even *hugs* would be nice! haha!

  4. I love your display and photos and your post, Karon; sorry the sales weren't there, but i do like your dune pair and glad they were popular!!

  5. It's true. I love looking at displays! Your's is lovely. I am a burlap girl too.

  6. Great display... so full of life, just like your earrings! I had a show over the weekend too, and the customers also had a great time but were very timid about parting with their money. Sigh. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

  7. thanks so much for dropping by and your lovely comments, my friends! I think I like making displays as much as making jewelry!
    rebecca~ i'm considering doing shows only in the fall when people are thinking about Christmas- sorry to hear yours was slow too.
    hugs to you all:)

  8. I love those earrings at the top...such a lovely combination..silver and beige.. I have yet to do a craft show, but have gathered all of my props, just in case!

  9. I love the look of your booth, very inspiring!