Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I can't believe it's been TWO weeks!

...since I wrote I was officially on vacation! So, what have we been up to? After safe travels, we've settled in and have done ALOT of yardwork -- I think my feet are tatooed with red Kihei dirt! As I mentioned, the property was empty for over a year and as a result, most everything needs some TLC -- cutting back, raking and clean up especially. We've also planted several areas around the house, adding much needed color and greenery -- including our first very own PALM tree!
 The decks are much more inviting with some potted plants, comfy furniture and a few very Hawaiian tikis that we've enjoyed at sunset this past week. A couple of rainy days gave me the chance to do a little painting and decorating inside. The house really just needs our own 'stamp' and that is coming along nicely -- I already feel very much at home here :)

This is the front deck -- the potted plants make an inviting corner for outside eating and provide a bit of privacy from the street -- I love the way the fronds blow in the breeze. Sunset viewing from this spot is wonderful!
We found a shop that specializes in gorgeous imported Indonesian pots and urns.  This huge glazed red urn and two smaller containers filled with tropicals and a Pygmy palm welcome at the front door.  We're in the middle of planting the area just behind them with a twin Manilla palm and some lower shade plants -- this will finish this area and really add some softness to the rock wall and edge of the driveway.  Manilla palms have some great red berries part of the year which should complement the containers.

It hasn't been all work however...we've lounged at the beach four or five times, enjoyed some lovely meals and more than a dozen Maui sunsets -- it's all good!

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