Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spotty, a.k.a. Catherine

Really? my picture? where's the food?
 The first Islander to greet us when took possession of our house was a little black cat. She climbed a tree next to our deck, leapt over the railing, stopped to meow hello, sauntered across the deck and settled on the lounger for a snooze.  We were immediately infatuated!  She has visited for a snack, a nap or a scratch behind the ears, almost every day since.  I've never met a friendlier, funnier cat -- she does a figure eight around my ankles, meowing excitedly, while I fill her dish (yes, she has a dish...and a bag of cat food in the pantry).  She feigns indifference and disdain but can be easily influenced with a saucer of milk. She loves people and follows us around the house, settling down where ever we happen to be, just in case she's missing something :)

Looking at our kitchen
window waiting for
a sign that
food is on the way.
A white patch on her chest earned her the name Spotty.
On an island full of feral cats, she is so comfortable around people and so prefers a comfy cushion for her naps, we thought she must belong to SOMEONE close by -- but who? After a brief stalking episode and some chatting with the neighbors, it seems Spotty is owned by a gentleman down the road, but indeed, divides her time and appetite between THREE other families including us - hilarious! And while she prefers to remain anonymous and doesn't answer to anything at all, her name is Catherine.  For some reason, I think that's funny too -- it reminds me of Catherine the Great, and this cat definitely has a queenly attitude!

Anyway, she's a sweetie and lovely company when she decides to drop by -- here are a few more shots of her in one of her kingdoms!

Do NOT Disturb
Keeping me company while I hang the laundry.

"I know you think this is your new couch, but you'd be wrong."

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