Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My first sterling silver sheet metal ring band!

Where DOES the time go???
After a couple more weeks of work around the house, the last two have been a whirlwind of family fun! We've explored every corner of the island and more beaches than I can count...such a wonderful time! You may have seen me on my boogie board, riding the waves! I've been weepy since they left for home yesterday -- we miss you guys already :(
and we'll see you soon!

I had my metalsmithing class this morning which helped take my mind off their departure.  So far, I've loved it! Our instructor is a talented sweetie --
she explains and demonstrates projects clearly and is patient with us too.  So far I've made a copper and brass pendant using sheet metal that I sawed and textured. Last week and today, our project has been a sterling band, also made from sheet metal. I remembered my camera today, so have some photos just prior to soldering through several stages of sanding and polishing.  Right now, the band is ready for it's final buffing.  I plan to go to the studio on Friday to finish it and create a wider band, also in sterling. 

After class, I scooted to a local bead store that carries gorgeous gemstone cabs.  I found several pretties - lapis, kyanite, turquoise and larimar (this one is new to me and is a beautiful shade of aqua blue). Our next class project is creating a bezel setting and I plan to add it to my ring.  I am VERY excited about this step -- something I've been keen to learn for quite a while.

My ring band, ready for the final polishing!  I'll make sure to take photos next class of my finished ring :)