Saturday, March 23, 2013

Open Studio - Ready to Polish and Set the Stone!, I worked hard at Open Studio on Friday and my ring is ready for polishing and setting my stone! This collage shows the set up and soldering of the bezel to the baseplate -- this time my soldering went really well, flowing on my first attempt.  I'm beginning to see the correct state of the flux and know when the solder will flow.  A pickle bath cleaned everything up.

Next, I sawed the excess silver into my desired oval shape around the bezel, leaving a small lip as part of the design.  You can see my sawing skills need practice but I did get the basic shape and a good filing will smooth everything and refine the shape.  I've discovered I really like the filing stage and the control it gives me to create the vision I have in my imagination.  Plus, it's kind of soothing in that you have to take your time and be so deliberate in your purpose.

 You can see the baseplate nicely shaped using a fairly coarse metal file.  Next I prepared the ring band to attach to the setting by first filing a flat plane on the band, opposite the original soldering seam.  Sweat soldering the flat spot prepared to the attachment. I spent at least 10 minutes lining up the band and setting (the 'third hand' tool is MOST helpful!) -- I was very worried I'd solder it off-center or lopsided - but it was worth it.  I got it just where I wanted! yay!
Here you can see the attached pieces, its next pickle bath and the ring all cleaned up and ready for the stone.

...and the stone fits!!!!! 
(Please excuse the dental floss -- I wanted to be certain I could remove the stone to finish the ring! :)

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