Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Open Studio ~ Hammered Sterling Ring

Fridays are Open Studio time at Hui and I was excited to make another ring - this time a hammered band in sterling silver.  I took photos of the entire process (as far as I got :) this time and here they are!  1 and 2 - I cut and filed 18 gauge sterling silver sheet metal. Photos 3 to 5 show the texturing process with a hammer and anvil.
 I measured the length for my ring size and sawed the extra silver. Next, I annealed the metal with my torch to make it easy to work with and gave it a pickle bath to clean the fire scale from the silver. Shaping begins the preparation of the seam for soldering.
After quite a bit of filing and 'wiggling', I had a nice flat seam. A bit of flux and solder and I'm ready for the torch.  I LOVE this!! Another pickle bath and some shaping with a rawhide hammer and I'm ready for filing and finishing --

Here is the ring ready for some more filing and a bit more hammering to add more texture and increase the size a bit.  Next Friday, I plan to add a bezel set stone - probably lapis lazuli - and finish the ring by oxidizing and tumbling to reveal some highlights.  I'll keep you updated!
...on my way home!

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