Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm Learning to Play the Ukulele!

that just makes you smile.
It makes you let your guard down.
It brings out the child in all of us.
I'm SO excited! I played a bit of piano when I was a kid and considered taking lessons again a few years ago but never signed up.  And, I always wanted to play the guitar but felt overwhelmed by how difficult I thought it would be to learn. And then one day, a couple of years ago in Maui, hubs and I went on a sunset sailing cruise.  The 'entertainment' was a local guy who sang and played the ukulele - he was amazing! He could play anything and absolutely lifted the mood and fun for everyone aboard.  I started thinking that maybe this was something I could play.... fast forward to...
A couple of weeks ago while discussing summer plans with my niece, I told her I'd like to learn.  She We both love the song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by Iz Kamakawiwo'ole and decided to make it a summer project to learn to play it - her on the guitar and me on the ukulele! It might be ambitious but it's sure going to be fun!!  Wish us luck!!!
 Here's my new ukulele!
I've signed up for some online lessons and here we go!


  1. Here's to learning new things!!! My Dad used to play the ukulele...happy instrument! xo