Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Chairs for Our Deck!

We've had two cast off wooden chairs on the front deck for a few years now.  They spend the winter outside and no amount of paint and love was going to save them this year. So, off to the bonfire woodpile they went last week when hubs brought home these new lovelies (that were on sale, no less!).  Yes, they required a full weekend of my life to paint them but they look FABULOUS, darling.

It took me all weekend to paint these four chairs...it was worth it!
 They make a lovely area to lounge while dinner is on the BBQ or just to sit and chat ...AND... I can set the table and everyone still has a comfy place to relax.  Ethel and I had our breakfast here this morning!
Ethel and I had our breakfast outside this morning in our new lounge area!
Life is good!

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