Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing the Touchstone Collection!
Inspirational, modern, and minimalist, I'm so pleased to introduce the Touchstone Collection, my newest pieces at Wild Woman Jewelry. Each necklace, bracelet and ring in this unique collection is made with the intention to offer simplicity and words which remind you of your beautiful self - a touchstone during the day, a mantra while meditating, or maybe an inspiration for someone you love. Each is personalized at the clasp closure with your monogram of choice - a simple uppercase initial-stamped, oxidized, sterling silver charm.
 Mounted on cardstock complete with inspirational message and nestled in its beautiful tin, your lovely piece will arrive ready for gifting as shown in the photographs.
I'm listing many more new pieces in this collection over the next few days -
come see!


  1. you are a peach!!! thank you cait xoxo

  2. Hello Mate

    Your Collection is so preetty i like so much