Monday, June 8, 2015

From My Bench - Photo Shoot Today

A peek into one of my photo shoots!
The light is great today - bright but overcast.  My little 'set' includes the windowsill (if the sun comes out, I can just pull down the blind), my NikonD80 SLR, a piece of cardboard I covered in tinfoil to reflect back the light, a piece of chicken wire that I've folded in half to support several sheets of white cardstock that I tape together and slope slightly to eliminate seams and shadows in the background. 
My 'go to' props are this little tin candleholder which I use ALL the time, a penny and ruler for scale, and sometimes a small ivory china dish. 
I have about 35 new pieces ready to photograph which means several hours and probably about 500 images - it's a ton of work and 80% will be too dark, blurry, too light or just plain bad! The other 20% will likely contain enough decent shots that I can edit them and use them for my listings in the shop. Some may have to be redone again- I'm on the third time for a pair of sterling silver hammered hoops that I just can't get the light right...maybe today's the day!
Here's the set up - pretty simple, eh?

ok. I'm off.  You know where I'll be :)

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