Sunday, June 14, 2015

Music Box ~ My New Ukulele

I'm excited! After a year of learning and having SO much fun with my first little ukulele, I knew that even if I'll never be an expert, I really wanted continue playing...and get a 'real' ukulele.  And, here it is! One evening, while we were in Maui this winter, we wandered into a close-by shopping center. A new ukulele shop had recently opened! The owner was working and encouraged me to try any and all I wanted - there were some amazing instruments and a huge selection made right on Maui! I loved the sound, gorgeous woods and metal G string of this lovely!

The front is made with Koa wood that is native to Hawaii.  The body is mahogany,
with this gorgeous inlay which is a mix of both.

And, since I knew I would want to travel with it back to Canada, I got the
hard case to protect it.  I feel very professional! :)
Now, back to practicing!
happy weekend, all!

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