Friday, June 19, 2015

My Garden Path ~ June

The early summer garden is so fresh! After a long harsh winter in our area, the garden is late and sprinting to catch up - so much changes in just a couple of weeks! Here are some glimpses down my June garden path.
Enjoy and watch for ladybugs!
Our old hose froze and cracked so I replaced it with this fabulous
bright green one - LOVE!!
Climbing hydrangea bloomed for the first time last year after about 3 years
from planting.  It's really established itself and is twining around the railing on
the front deck steps, creating a cosy little nook.

Lovely wild ferns I transplanted from the woods, a snow white visitor and
a shady retreat on a hot summer day.

Some views of my garden shed (see last summer's redecorating project here )
and the garden beside our garage.

Sweet lilacs, charming bleeding heart and finally, a clump of delicate Solomon's Seal.

Virginia Creeper climbs over a trellis made by hubs, blooming rhubarb and pretty
peach daisies in a flower box!

Blue iris about to POP and chives that literally bloomed overnight.

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