Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Casual Fridays Earrings are one of a kind!

I love casual Fridays! blue jeans, crisp white blouse...I was always looking for the perfect pair of earrings (and here they are!).  On my worktable, I keep little piles of beads and bits that look pretty together.  I add to the piles over time and every so often, I dig into them to see if anything is ready to be made.  On Monday, these seemed to jump right out from the little piles! Happy red glass, upcycled silver metal washers, denim blue enameled metal disks and sparkly faceted glass are casually elegant and fun too. I made pretty sterling silver square wire earwires that are simple and secure and I'm a fan of the little dangles too -- I love them!         happy day xo

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