Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wild Child Rings are NEW!

In recent months, my niece, Sophie, has become increasingly interested in jewelry making and design. She's created some pretty wire wrapped beach glass pendant necklaces and loves to make earrings as gifts for our family and friends! She also an aspiring entrepreneur. The other day she was playing with some wire and made a fun and funky ring using some cool and colorful beads from her stash.  I thought it was fabulous and that perhaps others would too!  We made a deal {she gets a cut :)} and here we go -- Wild Child rings are inspired by her original design, made by me and are now available at Wild Woman Jewelry! We hope you like them! 

Wild Child rings are individually made with tarnish resistant silver coated heavy gauge copper wire, carefully selected fun and whimsical glass and lucite beads, and finished with playful spirals. Each ring is uniquely one-of-a-kind!


  1. Ohhhh, those rings are so much fun!!!

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