Monday, July 2, 2012

Time for a Facelift!

So... I've been having the 'should I have my own website?' discussion with myself off and on for a couple of years now.  It's an attractive idea to have a site that ties together all my online locations and offers independence from any one other site.  My Etsy shop has definitely been my main online presence over the last 4 years...and while I love it, it's beginning to feel a bit like I've got too many eggs in one basket.  This blog came next which I've maintained in fits and starts - sometimes keen, sometimes, not so much! And while I also use Facebook and Twitter occasionally-- again it's hit and miss.  The main thing that stopped me from creating my own site is the challenge of driving traffic there. Anyway, my procrastination has resulted in things remaining pretty much the same with no real solution magically apprearing... and I'm getting tired of that!  This last week I've done a fair amount of investigating various website hosts and in my travels, discovered the ability to add page tabs to this blog (probably not a surprise to most of you but a rather signifcant discovery for me!).  It led me to the decision to take the first step toward a central spot where all my sites can be accessed -- right here! Not a huge step, but a step nonetheless! And it also inspired a much needed facelift here as well...a simpler, cleaner look and the removal of lots of old and outdated links.  Amazingly enough, now that everything can be linked from here, I can now see that what I really want next is to simply offer shoppers (and myself) an option independent of Etsy. I love Etsy and my shop there and have no plans to leave but I'll feel freer and better prepared from a whole business point of view to have created a place where I'm not solely dependent on Etsy for my store.  Now, that's progress!
Have a great week!

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