Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer travels... Boston

~ where everybody knows your name...

Most summers we stick close to home, spending much of our time at the lake.  This year has been a bit more adventurous and we were off to Boston this week for a visit and another concert!  I've travelled through Massachsetts a number of times but haven't visited Boston since I was a teenager.  What a beautiful city! We spent most of the first day wandering along the waterfront, visiting Quincy Market, Columbus Park and Faneuil Hall...charming cobblestones, picturesque views and an amazing historical past -- all mixed with delicious dining and great shopping!  We were treated to a dramatic thunder and lightning storm late in the afternoon - brilliant bolts of lightning over the city skyline and torrents of rain - dinner was INSIDE that evening!

Our second day, we signed up for one of the city trolley tours and spent the afternoon enjoying the sites and sounds of Boston. We visited the site of the USS Constitution (such an amazing vessel ) and a World War II frigate in the harbor. I also loved the brownstones in the Beacon Hill area, many of which are beautifully restored and dotted with tiny colorful gardens. I really had no idea of the number of signifcant historical, literary and scientific events occurred in this beautiful city!
Cheers was one of my favorite TV shows and it was fun to visit the original pub that inspired the show as well as the second location that is a reproduction of the Hollywood set... Norm!!!   Throughout the city, I was awed by the mix of modern and historical architecture- this modern skyscraper built so it didn't block the light filtering into this gorgeous old church really caught my eye-- such a contrast and beautiful blend of old and new!
Thursday night, we rocked on with Aerosmith at TD Garden - it was a blast!


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