Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Garden Shed

Well...I finally mucked out the garden shed this weekend! In the summer, my bitty shed is one of life's little luxuries ~ a spot of my own filled with my garden tools, treasures, a comfy chair for reading and an old table for writing, garden planning or just enjoying! In the winter it is the storehouse for all the garden furniture, junk, pots, benches....and it is a mess! So, Saturday dawned sunny and perfect for clearing out the crap and bringing order and prettiness to my little summer spot.
One of the funniest things about it all is when I first described what I wanted this shed to look like to my husband, Peter, the builder, it sounded very much like an old chicken coop. In fact, I supported my description with various photos of old chicken coops made into charming garden sheds...well, I have to admit, I'm not really one for chickens, and it evolved into this sweet oasis in the garden. He still says it's the best looking chicken coop in the county! Next came the bed of flowers beside it and several wheelbarrows full of flat rocks from the beach for the little patio. It's taken about three years to complete but it was worth it! I'm writing this post from the little table inside right now ~ wireless internet is a wonderful thing!

My 'work' table!

Down the garden path...

The shed garden and stone patio... the bench in the distance is a pew from an old church that was being torn down a ways down the road.


From the garden gate...

Inside the shed and looking out the front window...


  1. OMG! I could live in your shed! It is so cozy and charming!

  2. We may end up living there this summer once they move our old cottage away! :)

  3. oh karon-- what sweetness... i would spend every chance i had in your garden and little getaway cottage/ potting shed/ work studio... and it's no surprise that it's so lovely!!--the color -- the pale robin's egg-- is so airy and enchanting--well all of it is!!!

  4. oh how charming!! it looks like the perfect place to spend time doing very little or quite a lot!! i'm quite envious .. so tranquil and serene are your surroundings .. very well earned 'little chicken house' ;)