Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Amalia Versaci Designs

Can you hear the steady 'whrrrrrrrrr' of the sewing machines...see the mannequins, bolts of fabric, women feeding cloth through their machines, sunlight streaming in from an upper window-a few tiny dust particles suspended in mid air...feel the textures of the materials and the metal teeth of each zipper...with a perfect mix of unique contemporary design and historical garment district feel, Amalia Versaci Designs offers gorgeous zipper jewelry and home decor creations. Incorporating every part (slides, tape, teeth...) of each of her collection of vintage zippers, Amalia has created a facinating and colorful collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and home decor items. In contrast, she has included several unpainted, metal pieces with a wonderful industrial chic. Clearly another talent, her photography is stunning, communicating her message in the most gorgeous manner! I do believe I'm in love with her inspiring designs! Please check out her wonderful shop today.

Vintage Zipper Studs

Upcycled Painted Zipper Slide Bracelet - Olive Green


  1. very unique, i love her designs!

  2. it's amazing what that girl can do with a zipper!

  3. wonderful featured artist .. Amalia is one of my favourites! I'm completely amazed by what she does with a zipper .. beautiful choice Karon :)

    btw .. I am hanging out for the 30th to view the launch !!

  4. There are so many sites on etsy - great to be directed to wonderful ones, very interesting what you can do with zippers! very creative minds are out there..