Saturday, June 20, 2009

the garden shed...opening June 30


♥ I'm excited to announce the upcoming opening of my second Etsy shop ~ The Garden Shed! I hope you will enjoy my original garden and nature inspired photography, notecards and on occasion, a few vintage garden collectibles! Stay tuned for opening specials and savings - I hope you'll stroll by and check it out!!! Opens June 30...


  1. How exciting!! You're photographs are incredible :)

  2. i have it marked on my calendar and am eagerly awaiting the opening!

  3. are too funny! and sweet! :)

  4. great news karon--i'm sure the new shop will be a hit!

    and by the way--"TAG--YOU'RE IT!"
    this is a blog award of sorts--stop by my blog and copy the questions and answer them at your leisure and post them on your blog and then "tag" 8 other people.
    the questions are fun ...