Monday, June 22, 2009

What's Blooming Today? Cranesbill, Roses, Peony, Foxglove & Astilbe

Gray and wet these last few days, the garden is a splash of early summer color! It seems everything has grown a foot in less than a week ~ the tall leaves of blue cranesbill are flopping all over the place. I always think I have them happily coralled but it seems I never really do ~ a good life lesson, I think! Their nodding little heads are friendly and humble.

A hungry ant out for a social luncheon (her friend is on the other side)!
The peonies are HUGE this summer ~ and will be fully blooming this week in pink, white, magenta and fuchsia. The lush double blooms of the pink and white carry the most magnificient fragrance while the fuchsia (above) is a single with sunny yellow stamens...a striking contrast!

~ graceful astilbe

Foxglove ~ one of my favorites (today, anyway), it seems to have seeded all over the garden this summer...more to come!

ahhhhh, roses ~ what more needs to be said?


  1. i imagine this is a sampling of a few of the photos that will show up in your new garden shop-- they're lovely karon!

    and i can't thank you enough for your sweet treasury-- i adore my aunt glo, and she's getting up there in the years-- so i get teary just thinking about her...