Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Freshly Skweezed

Bright, bold and beautiful papers have long held an allure for a child, on family shopping trips, my sisters and brother hung out in all toy departments while I headed straight for stationary to drool over the papers, tablets, colored pencils and ink!
Well, you can imagined my utter joy when I discovered Freshly Skweezed, and its most delicious, colorful and elegant notecards and stationary! Deb completes the entire process herself using carefully selected papers and many of her own originally handdrawn designs, die cut and 'skweezed' from Deb's own press!
Really, it's like being a kid in a stationary store (heehee) ~fresh, fun, bright colors...funky, mod and floral patterns...crisp designs...personalized...fully lined envelopes in beautifully coordinating papers...and simply, the perfect gift!

Yes, I've got a serious case of 'paper-love' and Freshly Skweezed is just what the stationer ordered... As Deb says, "Kick your stationary up a notch!" and I say, visit her wonderful shop today!

Notes from the Garden, 4 Personalized Note Cards

Orange Crush, Stationary Set

1. Jeanette, Stationary Set
2. Pinky Crush, Stationary Set
3. Love to You, Greeting Card
4. Green Peaceful, Stationary Set
5. Blueberry Flats, Stationary Set
6. Summer Home in the Garden, Screenprinted Note Cards
7. Tropic Mellow, Stationary Set
8. Thanks, Gocco Style
9. Very Cherry Cream, Stationary Set


  1. Beautiful cards and envelopes. Love all the colors and designs! Will definitely check out her shop:)

  2. oh my .. I need to go and check this all out!! what beautiful colors and prints on EVERYTHING .. fantastic to know this, i'm always on the lookout for great stationery.