Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Utile Mud

Theresa calls herself 'a friend of mud' and when you
pay a call to her shop, Utile Mud, you
will see from her beautiful handmade stoneware
pottery that this is indeed an understatement!
Each piece has a sculptural simplicity complemented
by glazes in modern colors with a fun retro feel.
Beautiful bowls, sassy serving pieces,
darling dishes, joyful jars and terrific tumblers are each created with clean, graceful lines and perfect functionality.
Theresa's pottery are works of art that you can enjoy using everyday ~ now that's the best of all worlds!
Swing by her delightful shop!

Serving Bowl, Green on Green

Set of Three Nesting Bowls

1. Tumbler, Bright Orange and Aqua
2. Bowl, Sky Blue
3. Mixing Bowl, Textured Olive and Cranberry
4. Place Setting, Satin Black and White
5. Serving Bowl, Sunshine Yellow and Aqua
6. Jar, Satin White
7. Jar, Aqua
8. Lunch Plate, Orange and Yellow
9. Two Bowls, Deep Purple and Orangerie


  1. oh those pieces are just luscious! Love the colors and simple styles.

  2. I adore Utile Mud and it is so great to see her pieces here. I am even featuring the second one in my treasury this week. Can't wait to add some pieces to my home!

  3. what a fabulous artist to feature!! UtileMud's work is absolutely gorgeous :)

  4. thank you each so much for your lovely comments ~ I love her pieces too! :)

  5. I like her work so much I have a few pieces in my kitchen:) This is a gorgeous feature.